South African Recipes

Chakalaka Recipe: How to Make This Classic South Africa Side Dish

south african chakalaka bowl

History of Chakalaka in South Africa The historical and culinary significance of Chakalaka cannot be overstated when discussing South African cuisine. The dish is a vivid representation of the country’s cultural flare. This delectable relish originated in the heart of Johannesburg’s bustling townships, crafted by mineworkers seeking comfort in flavors reminiscent of home. The name […]

Trifle Recipe | Unique South African Dessert Variation

South African trifle dish

Trifle History Let’s take a delightful trip back in time to discover the history of Trifle, a crowd-pleasing South African dessert that has conquered hearts (and stomachs) for centuries. The word ‘trifle’ hails from Old French ‘trufle’, literally meaning ‘something whimsical or of little consequence’. But this is a total contradiction as anyone who has […]

Roti And Mince Recipe | South African Indian Flatbread Dish

South African roti and mince dish

Roti and Mince: History Brace yourself for a delightful journey into the origins of South Africa’s much-loved dish, Roti and Mince. Steeped in diverse cultural influences, this scrumptious treat traces its roots back to the Indian subcontinent. When Indian indentured labourers arrived on the sunny coasts of South Africa in the 19th century, they brought […]

Chakalaka Bread Recipe | History, Tips, & More

South African chakalaka bread dish

Chakalaka Bread History Chakalaka Bread originates from beautiful South Africa and is a central part of its culinary tradition. The name ‘Chakalaka’ comes from Bantu, which is a language spoken widely through Africa, and its root words suggest a boiling mix of hot ingredients. Naturally, the exact origins of the dish are unknown, with many […]