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Masala Steak Gatsby History

Salutations from the rainbow nation, South Africa! Do we have a culinary tale for you today! Gather around as we share the rich history of the mouth-watering, Masala Steak Gatsby. This enormous, delightful sandwich has its heart in Cape Town, where it started as an inexpensive and satisfying dish for labourers. Legend has it that Rashaad Pandy, a fish and chips shop owner, coined the term Gatsby after watching the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. He felt it represented how everything is crammed together, just like the characters in the film! Gatsby, pronounced ˈɡætsbi, has no direct translation in English; however, in this context, it’s used to describe a mildly spicy, hearty sandwich packed with various fillings. Over time, the sandwich has adopted an influx of Indian flavours, birthing the Masala Steak Gatsby. ‘Masala’, from Indian origin, means a blend of spices, which agrees perfectly with this steak’s punchy, aromatic flavour.

Tips & Tricks

Ah, we know you’d love to get stuck into making your very own Masala Steak Gatsby, so here are some insider tips. Quality steak is a must! Go for beef sirloin or rump; you want it tender and juicy. When it comes to the ‘masala’ part, play around with spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander and chili, based on your heat tolerance. Trust me, nothing beats homemade! Toast your bread lightly on a grill or oven for some added crunch. And remember, size does matter! A real Gatsby is a feast fit for a king, so don’t skimp on those fillings – the more, the better.

Best Occassions to Serve Masala Steak Gatsby

Show off your South African flavour flair with the Masala Steak Gatsby, perfect for every gathering. It’s famed for being a crowd favourite at football matches and braais (South African for BBQ), serving as a mighty and flavourful communal feast. Having a picnic or potluck? Bring along a Gatsby; its convenience and portability make it an ideal outdoor eating treat. Holidays like Heritage Day also see a spike in Gatsby munching – a beautiful way to celebrate the cultural diversity in our lovely Mzansi.

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