South African Recipes

South African Pampoenkoekies Recipe: History, Tips & More

south african pampoenkoekies

Howzit, mates! I’m beyond excited to talk about a truly lekker South African delight today – Pampoenkoekies, or pumpkin fritters, as you might call them. This traditional dish is a culinary joy, a sweet and spicy wonder that’s bound to take your taste buds on a thrilling ride. Pampoenkoekies History Our delicious Pampoenkoekies have deep […]

South African Buttermilk Rusks Recipe: History, Tips & More

buttermilk rusks

Howzit, everyone! Today, we’re taking a culinary journey to the heart of South Africa. Buckle up as we delve into a treasured South African treat – the beloved Buttermilk Rusks. Buttermilk Rusks History Buttermilk Rusks, or “Beskuit” as known in Afrikaans, hold a dear spot in South Africa’s culinary storybook. They date back to the […]

Malva Pudding Recipe | South Africa’s Sticky Bread Pudding

malva pudding recipe in south africa

Hello, fellow foodies! Today, we’re exploring a sweet treat that’s taken South Africa by storm – the delectable Malva Pudding. This dish promises a rich, sticky, and utterly delicious experience, so let’s dive in! Malva Pudding History A gift from the Cape Dutch, Malva Pudding, is a favourite across South Africa, from Sunday family dinners […]

Easy Chicken Breyani | A Proudly South African Recipe

chicken breyani with veg and chicken leg

Hello, fellow food lovers! Today, we’re going on a delectable journey to the heart of South Africa’s culinary scene. We’re diving into the aromatic world of the South African Breyani, a hearty, soulful dish that has won countless hearts and tummies! Breyani History The origins of Breyani, or Biriyani as it’s known elsewhere, trace back […]

Soft Inkomazi Scones | Amasi Sour Milk Treat


Craving a lekker South African delight? Let’s get our hands doughy with these scrumptious Soft Inkomazi Scones. A treat perfect for kuiers (get together) with your chommies (buddies) or just a cosy tea time! Maas Scones Recipe Heritage Soft Inkomazi scones are a beloved classic from the heart of South Africa. They’re named after Inkomazi, […]

Chicken Potjie | A South African Braai Classic

Chicken potjie made in a normal pot

Dive into a South African culinary journey with the ever-loved Chicken Potjie. This slow-cooked, layered dish brims with flavour, making every meal a festive occasion. Tips and Tricks: Mastering the art of potjie isn’t tricky; it just requires a dash of patience and a generous dollop of love. When it comes to layering, keep it […]

Mince Curry | Flavour-packed South African Favourite

south african mince curry with peppers in the back

Delve into the delicious world of South African cuisine with this hearty, flavour-packed Mince Curry. It’s a beautiful blend of homey comfort and adventurous spice, promising a culinary journey right in your kitchen. Mince Curry Heritage Now, the origin of the Mince Curry is a subject of delightful conjecture. It’s believed to have roots in […]

Authentic Roosterkoek Recipe | Beloved Grill-Baked Bread Rolls

roosterkoek on board

Welcome, Mzansi food lovers! Today, we’re delving into the heart of traditional South African cuisine with a beloved classic, roosterkoek. These grill-baked bread rolls are a braai (South African BBQ) staple and an absolute joy to make and eat. Let’s get cracking! Insider Tips on Roosterkoek Perfection First tip from my trusty South African kitchen: […]